Dec 8, 2011

Family-Language Arts

Subject                                               :           English
Class                                      :           2 M
Time                                        :           8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ( 60 minutes )
Focus                                     :           Language Arts
Theme                                                :           World of self, family and friends
Topic                                       :           My Wonderful Family – 3-D Family Tree (curtain)
Learning Standard  :           4.3.1   Able to produce simple creative works with
guidance based on :
(a)  stories
Lesson Objective     :           By the end of the lesson, pupils are able to produce
simple 3-D family tree (curtain).

Teaching &Learning Activities       :
1)     Teacher shows a sample of 3-D family tree (curtain).
2)     Teacher distributes the materials : cards / strings / rods.
3)     Teacher instructs pupils to prepare the cards according to their needs. ( depending on own family members )
4)     Teacher shows three different lengths of ropes and explains the usage.
5)     Teacher demonstrates how to tie the cards on the rod.
6)     Pupils complete their family trees.
7)     Pupils present their works and introduce their family members to the class.
*           Pupils may paste the pictures of their family members on the cards.

CCE                                       :           Creativity & Innovation
Assessment              :           nil
Teaching Aids                       :           3-D family tree (curtain), cards, scissors, strings, rods

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